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Vehicle & Fleet Tracking Leads

High Quality Vehicle & Fleet Tracking Leads.

We are experts in data-driven lead generation for vehicle & fleet tracking leads. We work with multiple digital channels to generate high intent leads for your business, either on a shared or exclusive basis.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Vehicle & Fleet Tracking Leads

What data points are collected with shared vehicle & fleet tracking leads?
We collect First Name, Last Name, Business Name, Business Email, Mobile Number, Fleet Size, Vehicle Type/s, and Features.
What digital platforms does iLeads use for generating vehicle & fleet tracking leads?
iLeads utilises a variety of digital platforms, including Google Ads, Meta Ads (Facebook & Instagram), LinkedIn Ads, TikTok Ads, and more to generate vehicle & fleet tracking leads for suppliers.
What is the difference between shared and exclusive vehicle & fleet tracking leads at iLeads?
Shared vehicle & fleet tracking leads are distributed to up to three vehicle & fleet tracking suppliers on a pay-per-lead basis, offering cost efficiency. Exclusive vehicle & fleet tracking leads are provided solely to one client, enhancing conversion rates and enabling personalised engagement.
How much do shared vehicle & fleet tracking leads cost at iLeads?
Shared vehicle & fleet tracking leads are charged at a fixed cost per lead, based on the fleet/lead opportunity size.
How much does it cost for exclusive vehicle & fleet tracking lead generation at iLeads?
We charge a monthly service fee, based on the no. of days we work for you, this is currently £597+VAT per day. In addition to this, you'll need to pay for the ad spend directly to the relevant ad platform. We usually work with vehicle & fleet tracking suppliers for a minimum of 1-2 days per calendar month, depending on your ad spend budget.
How does iLeads capture vehicle & fleet tracking leads?
Vehicle & fleet tracking leads are captured using interactive forms, bespoke landing pages, and websites.
How does iLeads send vehicle & fleet tracking leads to me?
We can send vehicle & fleet tracking leads to you in real-time using a variety of methods including Webhooks, API or sent directly to your CRM.

Billing & Contracts

How do I pay for vehicle & fleet tracking lead generation at iLeads?
For shared vehicle & fleet tracking leads, you must preload your iLeads balance via bank transfer, direct debit or debit/credit card. The cost of each lead is deducted from your iLeads balance at the time of supply, you will receive automated email notifications when your balance reaches a certain level so that you can top it up again. For exclusive vehicle & fleet tracking leads, you will receive an invoice for the upcoming month's monthly service fees - this will need to be paid via direct debit, bank transfer or debit/credit card before the start of the month.
How long is the contract for vehicle & fleet tracking lead generation?
We work on monthly contracts for shared vehicle & fleet tracking lead generation, which require 30 days' notice. For exclusive vehicle & fleet tracking lead generation, we usually work on a three-month initial term, then a monthly contract after that. We offer discounts or incentives to suppliers who agree to longer-term contracts.