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We are iLeads.

The digital marketing agency generating high-quality leads & revenue for your business using innovative lead generation techniques - from click to sale. One of the most innovative B2B lead generation companies in the UK.

our story

Founded in 2024 by Mark Reid, an experienced digital marketer and entrepreneur with a track record of previously building a 7-figure turnover business, iLeads is poised to become the premier destination for UK businesses aiming to amplify their online presence and achieve substantial growth.

Mark's extensive experience in the digital landscape and entrepreneurial success forms the cornerstone of iLeads, offering unparalleled insights and strategies to navigate the complex world of digital marketing. With iLeads, Mark envisions creating a dynamic platform that not only generates leads but also fosters sustainable growth for businesses in the digital era.

Our Journey

The journey of iLeads began with Mark's belief in the potential of digital landscapes to revolutionise how businesses connect with their audiences. Mark identified a critical gap in the market: the need for a specialised service that not only generates leads but does so with a precision and understanding of the digital age's nuances.

iLeads was born out of this need. We are not just a company; we are a movement towards a more connected, digitally-savvy business ecosystem. Our mission is to empower businesses by unlocking the full potential of their online platforms, ensuring that every click counts and every lead is a step towards success.

Mark Reid - Our Founder

Mark Reid's journey to establishing iLeads is a testament to his dedication and forward-thinking in digital marketing. His career, spanning a couple of decades, is highlighted by innovation. The founder of one of the UK's first price comparison websites, over 25 years ago, Mark has always had a keen eye for future trends.

Before launching iLeads, the B2B lead generation agency, Mark worked as an in-house digital marketing manager at a UK-based Tech company, where Mark transformed lead generation and marketing operations.

What Sets Us Apart

At iLeads, our differentiation lies in our approach. We believe in creating bespoke strategies that resonate with our clients' unique business objectives.

We leverage state-of-the-art technology, data analytics, and ideas to ensure that our clients' digital presence is not just seen but felt.

Join Us on Our Journey

As iLeads grows and redefines the digital marketing landscape, we invite you to join us on this exciting journey. Whether you're looking to elevate your business or seeking a partner who understands the digital age's intricacies, iLeads is your gateway to unparalleled digital success.

Let's create something remarkable together. Contact us today.

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