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We don’t just create ad campaigns for our clients, we offer full PPC management services. But what exactly does that include and how does it work? We like to be upfront with how we work and what you can expect, including what fees will occur and how processes work. If you’ve ever wondered how working with a top-service is like, then you’ve come to the right article. Below, we’ll take you through the 7 most important steps that we go through with each and every client on our books. Brush up on your knowledge of PPC ads, check out our services, and get in touch to learn more!

At iLeads, we work with a wide range of businesses that are looking to increase their leads or enquiries using their paid search account. Whether it’s just one account, such as Google Ads, or Google and a range of other platforms such as Bing/Microsoft Ads, LinkedIn, and more, we can help. Our team specialises in Search campaigns; these are the ads you see at the top and bottom of the results page when searching for something on Google or Bing. There are multiple types of PPC ads to choose from, with Search ads being amongst the most popular. If you want to explore what PPC can do for the first time, Search ads are often a good place to start.

Get in touch to get things set up and read through our process below to find out what happens next.

Our Six-Step Process

We can split our process into 6 individual stages that we’ll guide you through, step by step. You can email us or call us at any point if you have questions (or just to check up on our progress).

1 - Audit

First, we’ll audit your existing PPC accounts or set up your new accounts for you. Importantly, you retain ownership of all your accounts. We don’t own your account or are registered to it – we are simply managing it. Beware of agencies that own your PPC accounts, as this could make it difficult to move in the future. They may be slow or reluctant to transfer the reins over to you, or directly to a competing. Instead of owning your account, we have ‘manager’ accounts which enable us to manage all our client accounts in one place. We don’t need to own your account to make sure you stick with us. Our great service and tangible results are more than enough!

2 – Client Onboarding Questionnaire

While we are auditing your accounts, we’ll send you our Client Onboarding Questionnaire to fill out. The questionnaire will ask multiple questions about your business, including your ideal target number of leads or enquiries per month so we can set a goal to work towards. We’ll also need to know what your budgets are for the various (or singular) ad account, and some basic information about your business. Finally, there are a few follow up questions about your competitors – who are they and what are they doing? We need this information to create a winning strategy that’s tailored to your business and goals.

3 – Organising

Once we’ve got all the information in one place and your accounts set up, we’ll then start working on re-organising your campaigns (if necessary), as well as your ad groups and ads. If this has already gone over your head, don’t worry. We can explain all the terminology and take you through it as we go. If new ads are required for existing campaigns (to meet new goals, for example), we’ll rewrite those to ensure your ads attract your target audience and improve their performance. We can also write new ads from scratch, to get the ball rolling.

4 – Creating

After we’ve reorganised, rewritten and created any ads as needed, we’ll work with you to create specific campaign landing pages with interactive forms. Many businesses forget that the PPC ads are only half of the formula. Besides having a well-performing ad, you also need a stellar landing page as this will help increase your conversions and reduce your costs. The more leads or enquiries you have per click, the more you reduce your click costs by improving your Quality Score.

5 – Dashboard Access

Once things are set up and running smoothly, you’ll be given access to your dashboard on our website, where you can view your current performance, report back on lead quality, and much more. Unlike many PPC agencies who manage your accounts and give updates on request, we give you 24/7 access to your dashboard from our online portal. If you want to check up on your ads and monitor how we are doing yourself, then you can do this in a few clicks.

6 – Monthly Reports

Within three working days of the start of each month, we’ll send you a monthly report that summarises what’s gone on and where we are at. Not everyone is an expert at PPC ads, so when you open your dashboard and see a mass of numbers and statistics, it can be a bit overwhelming. This is why we create a detailed report each month, so you can get an overview of your performance and an expert interpretation alongside. Of course, if you need an update sooner, you can just pick up the phone and give us a call.

Working with iLeads

At iLeads, we work with a wide range of businesses in different niches. We know that you’ll want to search the market and compare us to other PPC agencies – it’s only natural to want to find the best service for your budget – so we’ve created an article that can help. Read Finding the Rrght PPC agency for your business next.

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